5 Easy New Year’s Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep

It happens every year: we indulge during the holidays (rightfully so) and then commit to a new and better version of yourself for the New Year, whether it’s to lose 10 pounds or advance in your career. For most of us, our resolutions tend to fizzle out by the spring (or sometimes earlier), but if you’re committed a New Year’s resolution can mean a fresh start to the new year and can be a game changer.

Here are some easy New Year’s Resolutions that aren’t impossible to keep, and can make a difference:

1. Focus on Health

FitnessThis is the obvious one. Everyone knows the gym is insanely crowded during the month of January, and then becomes normal again by February. But instead of your New Year’s resolution to be to lose “X” amount of weight, try to focus on health. Find an active hobby that you enjoy and can commit to multiple times a week, such as spin class, yoga, hiking, swimming, crossfit or running! Instead of obsessing over calories, find healthy recipes that you enjoy and try to eat more natural and organic products. Focus on your overall health, rather than a specific and unrealistic goal.

2. Drink More Water

WaterThis might seem simple, but many people do not consume the suggested amount of water you’re supposed to drink per day- which is about 9 cups per day. Drinking water has many health benefits, such as clearer skin, concentration, weight loss, digestion and decreased fatigue…just to name a few. Try switching out other beverages for a glass of water instead, such as your morning OJ or a glass of wine in the evening.



3. Take More Risks

One of my all time favorite quotes is, “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” In the New Year, try to step outside your comfort zone and take more risks. Whether it’s getting that short haircut you’ve been wanting, going on a date with that cute guy from Tinder, moving to a new city, or asking for a promotion at work. Make 2015 your year, and steer it in the direction you want it to go by taking a chance and experiencing something new.

4. Save Money

MoneyI think everyone can relate to that moment when you check your bank account and think to yourself, where did all my money go? It’s important to really evaluate your spending habits and to find opportunities to save money. For instance, if you’re only watching a few channels on your TV, do you really need an extensive Comcast package or can you live with just basic cable? Also, little things add up such as your bi monthly manicure or your regular Starbucks run. Trying sitting down and analyzing your spending habits to find saving opportunities.

5. Keep In Touch

Keeping in touch with friends and family can be challenging when everyone starts to move to different parts of the country. However, in the new year try reaching out more. Little things can make a huge difference, such as sending a quick text or a funny snapchat. If your schedule allows it, plan a trip to visit your family or friends a couple of times throughout the year.


New YearsI love New Years because it’s a chance to start over, and make a fresh start. No matter what your New Year’s Resolution is, focus on goals that are realistic and that will benefit you and your happiness. -V

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