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Not sure if you can consider a frozen yogurt buffet a restaurant, but we’re going to go there. 16 Handles is…wait for it… orgasmic. Yup. Went there to.

Frozen Yogurt. Image credit from www.16handles.com
Image source www.16handles.com

The deal at 16 Handles is that it’s a self-serve froyo shop with (you guessed it) 16 flavors and toppings ranging from chocolate turtles filled with caramel to fruity pebbles.  They charge by the ounce, offer rewards cards, and the line moves faster than you can say “coffee break froyo with caribou chips, bananas, butterfingers, and hot fudge.”

Their newest flavor, Salted Caramel, is everything you’ve ever wanted in a late night treat.

A little salty.

A little sweat.

Totally addicting.

We recommend complimenting this frozen yogurt flavor with brownie bites, hot caramel sauce, and graham cracker crumbs. Ah-mazing.

17 handles restaurant review

When you’re in the mood for a frozen yogurt, we whole-heartedly suggest 16 Handles. They have multiple locations throughout the city, so click here to check out your neighborhood shop: http://16handles.com/locations.php.

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