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Big City Little Blog partners with companies to promote their brand to a targeted, social media savvy audience. We show our readers how to use your stuff in unique and interesting ways- always using an educated, honest voice that reflects our true opinions.


To produce original photography and authentic articles, we require complimentary samples. If after reviewing we feel the product or service is not up to our standards, we will not include it in publication. Unfortunately, samples that have been provided may not be returned or reimbursed.


We accept financial sponsorship to cover the cost of upkeep the blog. FTC regulations require that sponsored posts be indicated as such, so we use (c/o) or "courtesy of" to indicate that compensation or gifting has been provided.


Once the partnership is complete, client may share photos or content under the condition that you credit " Big City Little Blog," and link to the original post and/or our social media accounts.




For more information, please download our MEDIA KIT.