Apple Picking in Rural Lancaster, PA

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Ahhh, fall... autumn... the days become shorter, football takes over the television, and pumpkin flavored everything pops up everywhere. It's the perfect time of year to go apple picking.

It goes without saying that apple picking in New York City is a near-impossible feat, which is why we ventured to Lancaster, PA- where the Feakins family resides- to embark on this adventure. We made our way to Cherry Hill Orchards, which is located at the intersection of Long Lane and 741/Marticville Road. The actual apple orchard is located a little further down the road than the main store. Unless you want to pick up some other fall goodies, keep driving.



And speaking of fall goodies- Cherry Hill Orchards had more pumpkins, squashes, flowers, and gourds than I'd ever seen at one place and time.  It's a great spot! Don't forget to check out their website for ripening dates and information on seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Overall we had a lovely time breathing in the fresh air and playing in the grass. After a hard-working week in the concrete jungle, you really appreciate the countryside. We ended up spending a good hour picking 11 lbs of Ida Reds and Golden and Red Deliciouses before heading home to a nice cup of tea and a nap.


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