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As a current graphic designer/former art school student, I love to get creative. Admittedly, painting is not my strong suit. I haven't actually picked up a brush in about 7 years,  but that doesn't negate the fact that I find it extremely therapeutic. Throw in some "bubbles" with those brushes, and you've got yourself a party. 


Art by Friends (c/o) is a New York-based company that partners with local bars, clubs, and restaurants to set up a step-by-step adult painting class. They provide the brushes, the paint, and the expertise. You purchase the cocktails and snacks- typically at a discounted "happy hour" rate. It's the perfect weekday Girl's Night: not too rowdy, the right amount of drinks, and a fun activity.


Events take place all around Manhattan and start at $60 per person for a two-hour class. They include either "Bubbles & Brushes" for canvas art or "Creativity Uncorked" for crafting events. Additionally, they offer private party packages including a kid-friendly version with "mocktails" and Shirley Temples. How cute is that?

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