AWOM Club Presentation | NYFW 2017

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First thing’s first: whoever decided that New York Fashion Week should take place in February was high as a kite. Having just survived the snowpocalypse, my friends and I were forced to brave freezing cold temperatures in the name of fashion. Luckily, Baciano just sent over this ah-mazing faux fur coat to keep me warm and cozy throughout the weekend (c/o.)



The coat took on a life of it’s own, and I’ve never received so many compliments in my life. People left and right were asking if they could pet the beast, and even Nisim took it for a spin. Get the look at and use the promo code JESS2017 for 20% off.

The AWOM Club fashion presentation was lead by designer, Sarah Akiba. After the loss of her father to lung cancer in 2013, Sarah created a non-profit to help those whom have lost a loved one. With that came the creation of AWOM Club- an acronym for Angel Watching Over Me. It’s a lifestyle brand that integrates a fashionable approach with a touching story, and a portion of the proceeds are donated to the non-profit.


Sarah put on a fabulous event with a killer DJ, unlimited rosé, and of course: amazing fashion designs. The color palette of army greens and neutrals was right up my alley, and the sleek, modern silhouettes were right on trend. Overall, a night well-spent! Check out the collection at AWOM.Club. 

Special thanks to Nisim and Cassie for collaboration on this article.

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