National Dress Your Dog Day

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I never in a million years thought I’d be the girl who puts clothing on a travel-sized pooch. I grew up with real dogs: big, gruff beasts who braved all sorts of weather with a goofy smile on their faces. My childhood Labrador Retrievers were as hearty as they were big: all 3 toppling well over 100 lbs each. I always thought I’d stick with this beautiful breed. They really are the best.

Yet here I am in a 600 square foot apartment in New York City and it’s not exactly fair to keep such a large, energetic animal in such a small space. As I’m sure you’re well aware: it gets pretty cold here, so dressing up my 4lbs Yorkshire Terrier in cozy sweaters and weatherproof jackets have become a daily occurrence. I’m not going to lie- I’m having fun with it too. Joey Buttons is, without a doubt, the cutest little man to ever sport Fair Isle or cable-knit sweaters.



Spoiling him has become par for the course, and this Sunday, January 14th marks National Dress Up Your Pet Day. That means you have the perfect excuse to spoil your furry loved ones too! Here are a few of our favorite things.


1. Stinky G Sweaters

Being such a small pup, it can be hard to find clothes that fit. Stinky G has great sizing for little lads and comes in so many great colors and patterns. We love the Blue Nautical Sweater and this flashy Red Christmas Sweater best.



2. Little Dove TeePee

I hate how cheesy most dog accessories are, and its hard to find something that your dog will like and that matches your home decor. Our living room, where Joey spends most of his time, is gray and white and dotted with rustic and glamorous accents. A doggie bed was such an eyesore, so we got him this little white lace teepee to go with the room. Dogs love being in enclosed areas, so this little house is perfect for when he wants to take a nice cozy nap. Get yours here on



3. Fab Dog Clothes & Accessories

With Fab Dog fashion, you can literally dress your dog just like yourself. Imagine you both walking down the street in matching puffer jackets with faux fur trimmed hoods? I mean, how adorable!  They are super cozy and great quality- offering everything from coats to sweaters to leashes. Joey’s favorite is this gray knitted turtleneck. Get your fix at



4. Mosaic Feeding Set

How gorgeous is this emerald green feeding set? Like I previously mentioned, doggie accessories can be such an eyesore! This modern and colorful design adds a decorative element while still maintaining functionality and practicality. Plus, it’s infinitely more attractive than those tacky rubber or plastic mats. Get your DENY Designs Emerald Cubes Pet Bowl and Tray Set from

5. “Crystal” Feed Bowl

Green mosaic not your thing? Glam it up with this crystal feed bowl from Godinger. Sure, it’s meant for cats, but when you’re only 4lbs cat accessories tend to best-fit your lifestyle. This Godinger Cat Bowl is from and it’s marked down to only $15!

6. A Dapper Dog Suit

When Phil and I tied the knot, we had to invite our furbaby to join the fun. After all, he’s part of the family! Our groomsmen were all wearing mix and match gray suits with crisp white shirts, and obviously Joey Buttons had to match. To top it off, he donned a Nova Check Bowtie that made all the bitches swoon. Get your dog a dapper suit here at

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