Best of Summer 2014

Welp, I think summer is officially over. Isn’t it crazy how quickly the cold air swoops in? Not saying it’s cold here in New York (because we all know it will get colder,) but Fall is certainly on its way. I hope you all enjoyed the warm weather as much as I did! Here are my top 10 “”Best of Summer” memories, in no particular order…


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  1. Vegas. Hands down- this was the best time I’ve had in a long time. Rounding up the troops and heading to fabulous Las Vegas for a long weekend of debauchery is exactly what your 20s should be about. It was unanimous that we shall have a yearly girls trip from here on out. And there will be themed outfit coordination.las vegas girlstrip lifestyle blog
  2. Farm Trips. Unfortunately, I only got one beach trip to the Hampton’s this summer, but I have to admit: I much prefer heading to the family farm in Pennsylvania anyway. Days spent laying by the pool, chillin’ on my Sand Cloud (c/o)…I mean what could beat that? The Sand Cloud is essential for any outdoor relaxation, so I gifted it to Victoria. She’s just moved to LA and has plenty of beach days lined up year round! (Lucky bitch…)sandcloud beach blanket
  3. This tomato. Because everyone appreciates when Mother Nature feels a little artistic, no? I mean this baby is a perfect heart-shape. She’s beautiful. What a babe.jersey tomatoes heart shaped big city little blog
  4. Rooftop Pools. When The Bosslady moved into her new digs and declared: “use my rooftop pool anytime you like,” I was so game. How else is one supposed to cool off in the middle of Manhattan? manhattan rooftop pools nyc lifestyle blogger
  5. Giving running another shot. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I hate it. BUT- because it’s a challenge, and it drives me crazy that it’s so hard for me, I’m running my first 10k this Sunday. Wish me luck!nike plus running app nyc fitness blog
  6. Sunset Cruises. Between The Bosslady’s lake house and Bella Magazine’s September launch party, I had quite the share of boats this summer. There’s something so magical about the salty breeze in your hair and the way the sunset glistens on the water.big city little blog nyc lifestyle bloggers
  7. The Fancy Food Show. Talk about an awesome experience; I’ve never seen so much food in my life! While I was there to research Italian cuisine for work, I couldn’t help but sneak into the British section for a little nostalgia. McVites digestive cookies, Marmite, and more tea that you could ever imagine were right at my fingertips. I even snagged some complimentary Dulce de Leche for my Argentine sister-in-law. Needless to say, we’re closer than ever.fancy food show nyc food blogger
  8. Finally seeing fitness results. After hiring a personal trainer in April, I was ecstatic when I finally started to see results. The scale budged almost immediately, but I felt like I looked the same for months! Erin suggested starting a food diary, which held me accountable to any sweet cravings and little snacks. Before I knew it, voilá! Abs. #Fitfam. weightloss before and after nyc fitness blog
  9.  Victoria’s Graduation. She’s arguable the most academic and hard-working of the Feakins clan, it was no surprise to see Victoria graduate with outstanding academic excellence from the College of Charleston. It made me feel very old to see the proverbial “baby of the family” officially enter into adulthood, but I couldn’t be more proud and excited for her future in Los Angeles. She’s gonna kill it!los angeles fashion and lifestyle blog
  10. Southern Food. Speaking of Charleston, have you guys ever tried authentic southern cuisine? Because I hadn’t. Between Stars Restaurant (check out that lobster ‘n grits!) and Toast (fried green tomatoes and crab cake eggs Benedict: Helloooo!) I was a pretty happy foodie.stars restarant charleston south carolina food blog

What did you guys do this summer?

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  1. The Frillish (@TheFrillish)
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    I love your blog!!! And this post is adorable, I may have to steal this idea and post something about my summer too (It was a good one). Couldn’t agree more about the weather. 🙂

    Cassandra of

    • Jess
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      Thanks Cassandra! And right back at ya- Love TheFrillish! xx

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