Weekend in PA: Day 1 at the Central Market in Lancaster

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Ah, another successful trip to Lancaster, PA. As my hometown and a mere 3 hour train-ride away, it’s one of our favorite weekend getaways. We got in late Friday night and had a delicious meal of beef stew. Mom’s on a french kiss martini kick, so she abruptly handed me a few of those as we got to catch up.


french kiss martini recipe

Delish! Mom’s going through a serious martini phase (last year they were pomegranate!) and there are no complaints here.

After a delicious English breakfast on Saturday morning, Phil and I headed to the Central Market in downtown Lancaster to pick up some groceries for dinner. We love shopping at the market for 3 main reasons. 1) Local, fresh ingredients. 2) Great prices. 3) The hustle and bustle atmosphere! It has an old-world feel with Lancastarians interacting with local farmers. It’s quite a fun experience.

local produce central market lancaster pa

central market lancaster pa local produce

As always, Phil and I hit up our favorite stand: The Herb Shop. The chief vedor, Jim Zink, boasts exotic seasonings, buckets of loose tea, and an incredible knowledge regarding his product. He’s the nicest and most helpful vendor- always offering advice on the best way to brew and serve your tea. In addition, the kiosk is beyond adorable. He weighs the tea in an antique scale and hand-writes the labels with a charming, romantic flair. We left with some green tea and peach with lavender, which we intend to make into an iced tea.

central market lancaster pa herb shop

central market lancaster pa loose tea shop

central market lancaster pa seasoning

Whether you’re looking for tea, organic lotions, blown glass, or local produce it’s definitely worth it to take a trip to the Central Market. And there’s better time to go than spring! The weather was perfection. You can check out more pictures from our weekend in Lancaster on Instagram.

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