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All lipstick addicts know that the secret to a pretty pout is having soft, kissable lips. When we’re not tinting them the hottest shade of the season, it’s important to keep them healthy and hydrated. You don’t need that expensive color adhering to dry, flakey lips! I’ve tried a hundred different brands, but there’s one that’s stood the test of time: ChapStick®. It’s one of those brands that have replaced the actual word for the product:

“Does anyone have a Kleenex?”  You mean a tissue.

“I need ChapStick®.” Technically, you mean lip balm.




But did you know ChapStick® had so many options?! I sure didn’t. I always just grab what’s available. After testing the different products (c/o) I have a serious crush on the Aloha Coconut from the Tropical Paradise line. It smells amazing and feels so silky soft on the lips. One of my favorite beauty tips is to hydrate right before bed- that includes the face, body, and lips. I like to keep lotion and ChapStick® on my bedside table, so I don’t forget. Moisturizing before bed allows the products to seep into your skin without rubbing off on your clothes- or in this case, food/drink.


Whether you’re heading to the gym, shopping at the mall with your girls, or getting ready for a date night, this is one everyday beauty staple you can’t live without. With a specialized formula for every lip need, this legendary beauty product is one that goes where you go. From tossing ChapStick® in your purse or keeping it in your pocket, this every day essential has been tried-and-true for years to protect and visibly improve the appearance of lips.




All ChapStick® products deliver skincare for lips, but each product has its own unique benefits. Perfect for everyday wear, ChapStick® Classic Range defend lips against the drying effects of wind and cold weather. You can quench a thirsty pout with ChapStick® Moisturizer- featuring more than 7 moisturizing ingredients that will leave your lips feeling soft, supple, and silky. Keep your lips healthy rain or shine with ChapStick® Sun Defense, which delivers SPF protection and other moisturizing ingredients. Very important! Want to bring the taste of the islands everywhere you go? ChapStick® Tropical Paradise Collection brings the exotic taste of the islands to your lips for a sweet, refreshing treat, all while making them feel softer and more hydrated. Whether you’re feeling under the weather or just need that extra boost of hydration, ChapStick® Medicated quickly soothes the pain and seals in moisture with a light, protective barrier to help heal severely dry, chapped lips.


This is a sponsored post. Samples and financial compensation have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, but all opinions are my own.

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