Cherry Crest Adventure Farm (PA)

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On a recent trip to the boonies, Phil suggested we get lost in a corn maze. We always pass signs for them in the fall, and this corn-maze virgin thought they might be fun. I, on the other hand, was not 100% convinced. I'd been on one as a middle-schooler and it was just so-so.


So we rounded the troops and headed over to  the Cherry Crest Adventure Farm. Because just like Smuckers: with a name like that, it had to be good. And it was...What was advertised as a corn maze with petting zoo and pumpkin picking was so much more. It's the perfect place to spend a Saturday with family, friends, and kids (or in our case, just acting like them). 


Like any red-blooded American, we were instantly drawn to the fun: basketball, ping-pong, and soccer stations!


After working up an appetite, we headed over to the food tents where we downed creamy hot chocolate and deep fried oreos.

Then we slowed things down with a trip to the petting zoo and a stroll through the corn maze.

Overall, it was a solid day of good, clean fun. 

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