Chicago Architecture Boat Tour

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My husband was recently asked by his employers to take a 9-day business trip to Chicago, and I spontaneously tagged along. I’d only visited the Windy City once when I was very young, and could barely remember anything about it. We’ve been talking about exploring the U.S. more, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.



We stayed at the Acme Hotel. Smack dab in the middle of downtown Chicago with a serious Rock-n-Roll vibe, the Acme is a boutique hotel with large rooms and a friendly staff. Free wifi and café vouchers were received, as I was working from the room during office hours.

Our first stop was the Architecture Boat Tour, which came highly-recommended from several sources. Similar to the London Boat Tour, an open-aired vessel takes you up and down the river where your tour-guide talks about the history of Chicago as well as major points of interest.



It’s an awesome way to see Chicago for the first time, and because we opted for an evening tour- we got a beautiful view of the city. Our tour guide was charming and knowledgeable, and the little bar down stairs didn’t hurt either. We sipped on some cocktails while we enjoyed the view and the beautiful summer night.



Afterwards we walked over to the fish restaurant at Eataly Chicago. My husband work for the Flatiron location, and we wanted to check out how it compares. Eataly Chicago is much bigger than what we’re used to back home, and the cuisine is on point.



In an attempt to be healthy (we knew we were getting deep dish and burgers later in the week) we both stuck to fish. He got the trout and I had the salmon crudo with a side of Italian Rosato.




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