DIY: Pop Art Record Clock

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Well ain’t I crafty. I turned an old record into a clock! And people say records are dead…

Why such a project, do you ask? Because I recently attended an event with Reeves, and I was totally inspired.



As a blogger, I often get invited to events throughout the city to check out new products and services. To be honest- they can be hit or miss. I often find myself wishing I could interact more with the brand at hand.



The Reeves event, however, was so much fun! I’ve always loved painting, drawing, and photography so this was right up my alley. Along with my BFF Cassie who’s also seriously crafty, we ascended to the top of Gary’s Loft where we enjoyed a front-row view of the Empire State Building, glasses of red wine, and delicious bites.



To my delight, we were invited to paint and play. I took the notion of a “Pet Rock” to a whole new level by painting a portrait of Joey Buttons. Not bad, considering I haven’t picked up a paint brush in years.



Next, we dripped paint onto spinning records to get an awesome splatter effect. I immediately knew I wanted to turn this into a Pop Art Clock.


When I got home, I ordered a clock movement from Amazon for less than $9. Thirty seconds later, I had a clock!



Wanna give it a go? I’d recommend purchasing Acrylic paint from, and while you’re there check out their guides for other fun projects. For a similar effect to mine, splatter the paint randomly across the record. Alternatively, you can use a brush to create something awesome. The cool thing about acrylic is that you can layer the colors, so you really can’t mess it up. Once it’s dry, add the clock movement and a double AA battery and you’re in business!

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