Escape Room Adventure: Komnata Quest

In a city known for it’s world renowned night clubs, mouth-water restaurants, and jaw-dropping theater performances, a new entertainment concept is sweeping through New York. Adventure seekers are lining up to be locked in escape rooms. For one hour, you and your friends work together to solve riddles and puzzles in an effort to “complete a mission” and escape from a themed room.



My crew and I were invited to Komnata Quest’s newly-opened Maze of Hakaina (c/o): a Japanese themed escape adventure based on a mysterious ancient maze. As a fan of puzzles and thrillers, I was beyond excited to see if we could unlock the story’s secrets albeit slightly scared of what was to come. (Read: I do not like haunted houses. which thankfully, this was not.) The Maze of Hakaina was a true test in team-building, and we challenged ourselves to escape just under 52 minutes! It’s a great experience for a group of family members, friends, or coworkers to learn how to listen to each other and work together. Check out the Maze of Hakaina teaser below:


Komnata Quest is world-wide franchise network with more than 100 quest rooms around the world with several different themes. They launched their first escape room in NYC in August 2015 and have grown to be the largest network of escape room in the city with 8 rooms across 3 locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island City. Four more escape rooms are also scheduled to be launched within the next 2 months.


For more information on Komnata Quest and to find an adventure of your own, head to, or check them out on Facebook. Use our exclusive promo code “bigcitylittleblog” for 10% off your next booking! 

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