Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015

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Once a Daddy's Girl, always a Daddy's girl; I'll never get too old for that label and I'm not ashamed. My father is a pretty amazing man both personally and professionally, but that's not even the real reason behind our bond. I genuinely like the guy. We genuinely enjoy each other's company. Many a nights have been spent drinking a bottle of wine out on the deck and just mulling over life experiences. He's full of great advice- again both personal and business, and he deserves the best Father's Day there is. My issue with Father's Day is probably a common one: the gifts. What on earth do you get "the man who has everything?" Another tie? Snore! This year I decided to enlist some help from fellow bloggers, writers, and media professionals. Here are the top 10 suggestions.

1. Fashion-Forward Dad

He loves to shop and always dresses to impress. Never to be caught in “Dad Jeans” or scruffy shoes, The Fashion Forward Dad is serious about his style. Forget the ties, and keep Dad on trend with a new pair of sunglasses. RayBans are always hot for Dad and if you're here in NYC, The Sunglass Hut is currently featuring the Artist Series with Mr. Brainwash: limited edition hand painted Raybans only sold in New York. Not in NYC? No problem. I recommend the classic wayfarers, aviators, or clubmasters in a neutral shade.

2. Philanthropic Dad

Philanthropic Dad is all about helping others. When you ask him what he wants, he’ll often respond with, “I don’t need anything” because he's more interested in basic human "needs" than superficial "wants." Give him the gift of giving by donating or sponsoring in his name. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) was founded by Albert Einstein, and seeks to help refugees. Virtual Gifts include emergency care for children, hunger relief, medical supplies and more. He’ll be proud and honored of your decision to help others. 

3. Rocker Dad

He recounts stories of his youth when he was sure his local garage band was going to make it big. Every now and then, Rocker Dad probably whips out his guitar or invites you in for a jam session, and who could blame him? He’s still got it! Let him look like the Rock God that he is with these Cords for Music signature bracelet, “The Pick Cord." This simple design is comprised of a sterling silver, gold, or brass pick with either a cotton or leather strap— Perfect for Rocker Dad! Both David Duchovny and Simon LeBon wear the bracelets.

Bonus: Each time a bracelet is sold, the brand gives ten dollars to Education Through Music, an organization that works with inner-city schools in order to establish music as a core subject in the curriculum. Their mission is to promote music in schools as a tool to enhance student’s academic performance and general development.


4. Wino Dad

Wino Dad is all about kicking back with a nice glass of Vino and enjoying the little things. He loves to delight in new eats, top-notch wine, and craft brews. While many wine companies target women, Winestyr appeals to men with the straightforward descriptions and classy yet masculine packaging. Gifts can be purchased and delivered in advance of Father's Day for those who won't be able to celebrate with Dad in person, or a gift card can be purchased in any amount. The website's Gift Finder makes picking the right wine easy and affordable. Bottles start at $11.

What makes Winestyr different, is that they features small-batch wineries from the US. These are real wines made by genuine people, not the mass-produced brands that overwhelm store shelves. It's like farm-to-table, but for wine. Winestyr's online marketplace not only gives customers access to high-quality wines that can't be found on store shelves, it also enables small wineries to reach customers that wouldn't otherwise know about them.

5. Badass Dad

Inked up with a thirst for life, Badass Dad has quite the history- some of which, you probably know nothing of! Every wrinkle and scar tells a story that’s rich with adventure. Even if he’s grown into a successful businessman (or not!) he can relive his badass days with the Tattoo Pocket Square ($85.00) by VK Nagrani. With eccentric patterns and prints inspired by tattoo artists, the 100% micro fiber pocket square also doubles as a quick cleaning solution for dad’s mobile device.

VK Nagrani is a luxury menswear collection that features versatile and timeless pieces that offer exceptional style and functionality, coupled with a modern edge. The uniquely designed garments cater to the discerning palate of today’s stylish man.

6. All-American Dad

Beer-drinking, burger-eating, and football-watching sum up All-American Dad. He’s down to earth, always laughing, and a real guy's guy. All-American Dad is all about grilling for summer. He loves to organize cook-outs on the Fourth of July, barbecue on weekends, and generally hang out al fresco with friends and family, so get All-American Dad something to serve up!

Master Purveyors is currently offering their Master BBQ Cookout Pack, which includes USDA Prime Skirt Steaks, USDA Prime Master Purveyors Original Blend Burgers, Esposito Sweet Sausage, Esposito Hot Sausage, Baby Back Ribs, and USDA Prime Filet Mignon. They specialize in fresh hanging USDA prime beef, both wet and dry-aged. With dozens of different breeds of steer in the United States that receive a prime grade by the USDA, Master Purveyors only receives prime graded cattle with Angus or Hereford influence. Master Purveyors has been servicing restaurants, hotels, and institutions since 1957. In fact, for over 50 years Sam still has some of the same customers that he had when he began, such as The 21 Club and Peter Luger Steakhouse. 

7. Empty Nest Dad


All the kids have left the nest, and Empty Nest Dad might need a companion. Stick with me here. One year, Victoria and I adopted a little orange kitten for my dad, and 6 years later that's the present he cherishes most. He's always been a cat person, and Arnold is quite the cat. Make sure Dad is open to caring for a little one, as you need to keep the pet's happiness in mind. Check out your local ASPCA or hit up the classifieds section in the paper for pet adoptions.

8. Jetsetter Dad

Whether it's for business or pleasure, Jetsetter Dad is always on the go. His travels have made him worldly; he has great style and an eye for detail. Give him the gift of some quality travel pieces. Bryant Park Belts is an NYC men's accessories brand that is made in the USA and features the best in genuine leathers and exotic skins. Best gifts for Jetsetter Dad?  The travel valet, genuine crocodile belts, or a "Mad Men" inspired flask.

9. Romance Dad

Romance Dad is all about his lady. He's constantly doting on her with flowers and cards, putting her first, and spoiling her rotten. Ease up some of the pressure, and organize a date for Romance Dad and Mom. Pick a sexy restaurant with a great menu and wine list and plan out the date from start to finish. Organize a car to pick them up and drop them off, and put down your card ahead of time. Tell the restaurant to add a 20% tip and email you the bill. Romance Dad (and Mom!) will love this Father's Day present.

10. Athletic Dad

Whether he's reliving his high school or college "Glory Days" or situating himself in front of the TV on game day, Athletic Dad, is all about sports, sports, and more sports. Whether you're lucky enough to live near a major sporting arena or there's a local stadium nearby, why not take him to a game? StubHub offers tickets at great prices and it's Yankees season!

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