Film Review: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

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We naturally gravitated towards Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead when it popped up in the recommended section of our Netflix account. As foodies, we’re fascinated by our society’s relationship with food. Whether we’re watching The Biggest Loser,  My Strange Addictionor Diners, Drive-Ins and Diveswe can’t get enough.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead


We read the brief synapses and thought, “hey, its educational and entertaining.” It was so much more.

Joe Cross, an obese yet wildly successful Australian entrepreneur, is coping with a rare autoimmune deficiency. He is dependant on an obscene amount of medications, and has an epiphany that his poor diet and lack of exercise are to blame. Joe takes extreme measures and vows to only consume juiced vegetables and fruits for 60 days in hopes of curing his ailment and losing the extra weight. He also recruits a truck driver with the same disease and a woman who suffers from chronic migraines to journey with him.

fat sick nearly dead film review

Put the occasional cheesy animated science lessons aside, and the film is very intriguing. The changes in Joe and his two predecessors are unreal: their skin begins to glow, their energy levels sky-rocket, the weight just falls off, and medical conditions subsided. What was more astonishing than the health benefits, was the motivation and self-control that they the exhibited. It was moving and inspirational.

So inspirational in fact, that we had my first juice as a meal replacement the next day: a 12-ounce cup of spinach, celery, apples, carrots, and parsley. The verdict? At first we were unimpressed. (We were both offered pizza and tacos at work, which looked infinitely better than our brownish-orange sludge.) But we took a few more sips, finished the juice, and continued on with our day.

To our satisfaction, we felt energized and full for the next 4 hours. So, we’re sold! Will we go for 60 days without solid foods? Absolutely not. We will, however, supplement meals with juice and make an effort to eat more fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead serves as a powerful reminder of the body’s natural ability to heal itself. All it needs is the proper nutrition.

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