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People are always asking for the "secret" to health, fitness, and weight-loss. It seems like a never-ending search and the results are a revolving door of supplements, pills, diet restrictions, and "revolutionary" exercise regimes. The truth is: there is no secret. It's a combination of healthy eating and an active lifestyle. No more, no less.

That doesn't mean you have to spend hours on the treadmill or pumping iron. If that's not your thing (I personally love it!) you need to find activities that you enjoy with people you want to be around. There are lots of ways to stay active and have fun, and that's exactly what FitTender aims to do. The innovative new platform connects you to local fitness "hosts" who serve up exciting and unique activities to promote an active, healthy lifestyle. These activities range from traditional forms of exercise (runs, bootcamps, yoga retreats) to active social events (organized football games, scuba diving, walking tours.)

In a city known for never-ending happy hours and boozy brunches, FitTender is a refreshing alternative towards a healthier lifestyle. The best part? There's no "last-call!"


There are two ways to use the platform. First, you can host an event. Any physical event that your heart desires: an afternoon hike, a soccer game in the park, or a bike ride around town. If you're a fitness professional, you could even organize group sessions and make a little extra cash! The other way to use FitTender is to join an event. Fitness experts agree that the best way to stay consistent towards your health and fitness goals is to find a "wing (wo)man," and FitTender is a great tool to stay active and social! Bonus points if you've just moved into town: what better way to make new friends (or a potential love match!) than to participate in a fun activity. Let's face it, getting out of your comfort zone makes it easy to strike up a conversation and a large group takes the pressure off.

FitTender is launching in New York City in Fall 2015 and they could use your support: Click here to check out their Kickstarter Campaign. To sign up for FitTender, head to, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, or check them out on Pinterest.


Stay healthy! 


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