Friday Favorites 10/10/14

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Happy Friday! Is it me or did this week fly by? …AND we get Monday off for Columbus day! #WINNING. This week was a little crazy for me: as far as my “health & fitness” plan, it’s been very up-and-down. I’ve increased my personal training to twice a week as opposed to once. That would be great except for all the pasta and sweets I’ve ingested! There’s something about burning calories that makes my body scream “give me more!”

In other news, I finally saw “Gone Girl.” I read the book, so the twists and turns were spoiled for me, but what a movie! It was perfectly cast and one of the best Hollywood films I’ve seen in a while. I also saw “Chef” this week, which was in two words: endearing and accurate. Absolutely loved it!

Tonight I’m attending a friend’s annual “Black Party,” so I’ll be using Priv to get glammed up and dance the night away at a bougie Meatpacking hot spot. Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!



1. Sfoglini Pasta

This homemade organic pasta (c/o Rodale’s) is to die for. You know when you’re at home and you’re starving, but there’s little to eat and you don’t feel like ordering in or going out? That was me earlier this week. All I had was cheese, cream, mini sweet peppers, and this Sfoglini organic pasta. Put it all together and voilá: gourmet mac ‘n cheese. Keep this pasta in your pantry and you’ll always have a delicious meal at your fingertips. Recipe for Mac ‘n Cheese here.


2. Grey Matte Nails

I’m obsessed with these nails. So much so, that the day I came across it I ran out to Ricky’s for a matte top coat and a sassy grey nail polish. There’s something about it that feels very rich, warm, and cozy. I have a penchant for gel manicures, so once I’ve painted a gel topcoat and cured it, I just follow with a coat of Butter London’s Matte top coat. It dries instantly and is worth every penny.



3. Momofuko Milk Bar

How had I not been to this New York staple? Ever since I can remember, it’s been “Momofuko” this, and “Momofuko” that- an establishment so talked about I thought it had to be overrated. But Momofuko Milk Bar was pretty spectacular. It’s rich and decadent- but if you’ve got a sweet tooth like me, you have to check it out! I got the compost cookie (full of everything but the kitchen sink) and this beautiful hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows. It’s a definite recommendation for a quintessential New York dessert, if you’re in the neighborhood.


4. Ray-Ban Flash Lens Aviators

I’ve been seeing these bold, colorful “Flash Lens” aviators all summer. I wanted to resist them, but I just couldn’t! As someone who lives in neutrals, they’re the perfect pop of color to any outfit. They come in several colors (blue and red are very popular) but I thought I’d stand out in this gorgeous green. Check out the selection at Nordstrom.

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