Friday Favorites 10/17/14

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Ahh, what a week! Between working the New York Wine & Food Festival, shopping with my beloved sister, and hitting the gym, I developed quite a few new crushes this week. Get the scoop below!


1. Pizza Loves Emily

This week at the New York Wine & Food Festival’s “La Sagra Slices” event, which highlighted the best pizza and meatballs in town, I sampled the most interesting and delicious slice at Pizza Loves Emily: a white pie sprinkled with pistachios and drizzled with honey and truffle oil. Oh man, were they speaking my language! The crunchy saltiness of dem nuts (pardon me) the warm earthiness of the truffle oil, and the sweet tangy honey made for a beautifully balanced combination.

I was there serving up Donatella’s meatballs with the work crew, and almost every patron was telling us to try Emily’s slice. While they may not have won the overall vote for best pie, they certainly had mine! I may just have to head out to Clinton Hill in the not-too-distance future to check out the rest of their menu.

2. Barre Burn

Once you’ve finished that decadent slice, you might need to hit the gym, amirite? This isn’t my first barre burn. In fact, I used to frequent this class on a weekly basis, but somewhere along the way, I stopped going. This week I decided to hit up a back-to-back workout special at my neighborhood equinox: a 30 minute ab circuit followed by a 60 minute Barre Burn class. Two things. A) I felt that class was infinitely easier than I remembered, which means that I’ve gotten stronger. (yay!) B) Oh em gee. I am still sore today. And I took the class on Monday.

For those of you who are not familiar, Barre is a mix of yoga, pilates, and ballet, which works to lengthen, strengthen, and tone that bod. You use light weights with high repetition, all while balancing, lunging, and tightening that core. It’s the ultimate full-body workout for women. And, let’s face it: who doesn’t want the body of a ballerina or yogi?


3. Unique Earrings

How gorgeous are these earrings? I came across this image on instagram this week, and I can’t stop obsessing. I love a look that take a classic (like a diamond stud) and upgrades it in an interesting and bizarre way, so this is right up my alley. If any one knows where I can get these diamond cubic zirconia earrings, will you help a sister out? Pretty, pretty please? Thanks SO much.


4. Damned Lip Pencil

Anyone who follows this blog has surely noticed that I have an affinity for Nars Lip Pencils- both in the matte and satin variety. They go on smooth, deposit intense pigmentation, and last forever. I mean forever. (I always tell my girlfriends- if you’re going to borrow it, you have to commit!) On a recent shopping trip to Sephora with my dear sister, we started playing around with lip color and I fell in love with Damned- a cranberry/magenta hue that ignites a sexy version of wine-stained lips. I passed on the color, convincing myself that I didn’t need yet another lip pencil from Nars. Weeks went by, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it- like a missed opportunity that I would never get back. But wait! I live right next to a Nars shop. It’s as if God himself wants me to buy all their products! After further research I found that Dianna Agron and Rachel Zoe are fans too, so I’m in good company. Oh, and no. I have no buyers remorse what-so-ever.


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