Friday Favorites 1/30/15

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New year, same old me! As always, I’m always on the lookout for fun and exciting things. This week I’ve discovered a couple new restaurants and a couple of swoon-worthy home goods! Check it out…

1. Giovanni Rana

Anytime you walk into a restaurant and you’re immediately greeted with an endless display of pasta, you know it’s going to be good. Giovannia Rana, which is located in New York’s iconic Chelsea Market boasts all sorts- ravioli, agnolotti, and spaghetti to name a few. My friend and I met here for a casual dinner last week, and were pleasantly surprised by dining experience. The food was excellent, the wine even better, and the service was great. 


2. Pimm’s Cup

I love a restaurant that serves a Pimm’s Cup in an actual tea cup. Totes adorbs. On a recent trip to California, my family and I were drawn toThe Misfits strictly based on the name. Sounded about right. We were just getting drinks before dinner reservations elsewhere, but I have to admit: the food looked glorious. The atmosphere rivaled NYC’s most celebrated supper clubs, but was a fraction of the price and right near the beach in Santa Monica. I need to go back for dinner. I hear the burgers and fries are outstanding.



3. Dip Dip Eggies

Eggs and soldiers- aka “Dip Dip Eggies” (as the Feakins’ like to say) are a British breakfast staple. I made mine with the Krups Eggs Express, which I got as a Christmas present this year. I have to say- it’s the best thing since soft-boiled eggs sliced bread. With different settings for poached eggs, soft-boiled, or hard-boiled, it makes the perfect egg every time. I served mine with 5- Grain Raisin bread from LPQ, which added a little burst of sweetness. Fool proof and delicious. 


4. Marble Skin

The only non-food related “favorite” this Friday? My new marble Macbook Pro skin from Etsy. (Looks like I need to put down the fork.) I digress. At $25, it’s not exactly cheap, but look how preeettttyyy it is. I’m obsessed. I’ve even changed by background to match. The application is easier than you think, and with a little patience and the right placement it goes on smoothly. Fingers crossed it lasts long.

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  1. danielle
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    looove the macbook skin!

    • Jess
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      Isn’t it great? xx

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