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Oh, what a week full of highs and lows! You’d think starting out the week celebrating Valentine’s Day with your new fiancé would be fabulous, but not for this girl. I woke up with some pretty serious food poising and was bed-ridden for a couple days. Not exactly romantic. On the upside, we found our caterers and wedding coordinator! All that’s left for this bride-to-be is a videographer, a cake, and some decorative details. I can’t believe we’ll be pulling this wedding off in less than a year (and for all those inquiring: No. I’m not pregnant!)

Enough about me, let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s what I’ve been crushing on this week:

1. Fake Bake

I’ve been experimenting with self-tanning products since as long as I can remember, and there’s never one that I’m 100% into. I usually just head to the salon when I need a faux glow- leaving it up to the professionals. Needless to say, I didn’t have high hopes for Fake Bake and thought it would be no better or worse than anything else I’ve tried. Believe me when I say – this product is very different! I’m not sure if it’s the velvety glove or the formula itself, but it goes on smooth and weightless and dries instantly. Fake Bake has a tint to it, so not only does the color show immediately, but it helps you avoid streaky mistakes. If you’re looking for salon spray-tanning results at home, this product is for you! Check it out at (c/o)

2. Nailtiques

I never had great nails to begin with, but years of Acrylics followed by endless Gel Manicures have left my tips paper thin and always peeling. I’ve tried different formulas over the years, but nothing’s really made a difference. Recently, I decided I’d had enough of the breakage and spent some time researching “The Best” in nail strengthening formula. Winning by a long shot according to the online reviews, was Nailtiques. There are several options, but the most recommend was Formula 2. I saw great results after only 1 week and crazy growth over the next. My once clear nails now boast healthy pink and white hues. What a difference! Get Nailtiques Formula 2 here at

3. Go Avo Spread

I’m obsessed with avocados. This superfood is not only utterly delicious, but it’s so good for you too. Go Avo, is a new condiment that will satisfy any avo-holic! A true test to it’s value, it’s made with a few quality ingredients that you can pronounce. The socially-conscience company assures this product is vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and preservative-free. I’m digging it as a substitute for mayonnaise on a turkey sandwich, but it’s also great for dips and salads. Go Avo comes in two flavors: original and basil. Learn more at (c/o)

4. Adidas Stan Smiths

Sometimes you set trends. Sometimes you follow them. When said trend flashes you back to your first pair of Adidas Superstars in 1999, you just have to get a pair. The first time around I swooned over a pair with iridescent turquoise stripes. It completely threw off the burgundy plaid in my mandatory school uniform, and perhaps that was a nod to my rebellious teenage years. As I’m approach 30 (yikes!) I went for a more subdued white and navy pair. Is it spring yet? I can’t wait to rock these. Get yours at

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