Friday Favorites: 11/4/16

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I am going through a serious rose gold obsession, and I cannot get enough. I fell in love with the blushing metallic hue a few years ago, and my admiration has only grown. Looking to rock the look? Check out some of my favorite rose gold products below!

1. ADIDAS Originals Rose Gold Tee

This double-sided tee boasts a huge ADIDAS logo on front and back. The metallic print is super-shiny, eye-catching, and my latest obsession. Available here for $39.



2. Shore Projects Rose Gold Salcome Watch

Shore projects creates mix and match watches, so you can pick the several faces and bands and switch it up. I love my rose gold to be offset by a crips white, so I matched the “Salcome” face with the white, silicone strap.(c/o) Get yours here for $180.




3. Case-Mate Rose Gold iPhone Case

I first saw this iPhone case in the AT&T store for about $50. I fell in love, but obviously not with the price. A few weeks later I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I headed to Amazon to see if I could find a similar one for cheaper. Behold: the exact same item for $19 and free shipping with Prime #MicDrop.




4. Victoria Emerson Rose Gold Wrap Bracelet

I love the contrast between the rustic brown leather and the glittery rose gold stones. This is a great casual piece of jewelry- perfect for summer! This one is sold out, but similar here for $9.99.




5. Personalized Rose Gold Pendant

This necklace is one of my favorite purchases. I originally bought several for my bridesmaids and personalized them as a “Thank you” for them being in my wedding. Once I saw all the girls wearing them, I realized how much I wanted one of my own. Shop “Mignon and Mignon” on Amazon for $19 and Free Shipping.






6. Nadri Rose Gold Tattoo Bangle

One of my favorite ways to wear rose gold is to mix and match with other metals. I always wear silver and diamond stud earrings, and with the addition of white gold and diamond wedding rings, its the only way to make it work! I bought this bangle in a set of three (one rose gold, one silver, and one yellow gold) and I like to wear them at the same time to tie in all the mix and match metals that I’m sporting. Available here for $70.



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