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Circa 2002 I had a shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch that claimed “fun is free!” I thought it was pretty cool, but I also wore it because I didn’t have any money and had to find free fun. Nowadays, I still don’t have any money. So I need to find free fun. See how things change as you get older? Wait… that’s not right…

taxis and tulips park avenue new york

Anyway, Sunday Fundays typically consist of AYCD Drunches full of mimosas, eggs benedict, and an inevitably headache. They also cost upwards of $30, which for “all you can drink,” is a good deal, but it’s still a lot of money. So while they are one of my favorite past-times, we decided to switch it up today and head to the Central Park. Phil and I have been longing to use this great little picnic basket that was gifted to us from his brother, Marco, and today seemed like the perfect day. We’d just fill it with a couple of sandwiches and hit the road!

picnic in central park nyc

We headed over to H&H Bagels to pick up our brunch before the picnic. Phil decided on a turkey sandwich, while I went with bagel and lox. Luckily, we’re only a short scenic walk from Central Park. Just a hop down 79th, a skip over Park, and a jump over 5th!

spring flowers ues nyc
nyc the picnic of the century picnic in central park nyc

the picnic of the century

Phil set up the blanket and unpacked the goods while I snapped some photos. I live for spring- the colors, the smell, the weather.The cherry blossoms have arrived, and they’re breathtaking! Loads of families graced the grassy hills with their little kids and puppies. You can hardly believe that this oasis sits in the middle of our concrete jungle.dogs playing in central park nyc

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picnicing in central park new york


cherry blossoms picnic in central park nyc

After we settled in, we attacked our meal. Believe it or not- I had never tried bagel and lox until I met Phil. The thought of smoked fish for breakfast wasn’t exactly appealing to me, but Phil gets them often. He always tried to make me eat it, so one day I gave in. I have never been happier. I’m talking: best decision ever. Today I got my usual combo for bagel and lox: whole wheat scooped bagel, fresh unsalted lox, and scallion cream cheese. Are you drooling yet? I am…

best bagels nyc H&H bagels and lox


Hope you enjoyed your Sunday Funday as much as we did!

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