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As part of New York Fashion Week, Disney Style invited bloggers and influencers to a complimentary viewing of Aladdin on Broadway. The Magic of Disney is undeniable and anyone who grew up in the 90s will feel the ultimate nostalgia of this performance. During a post-show Q&A, we heard from the cast and crew about what makes Aladdin so special.

Let me share this whole new world with you.

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When asked about their favorite scenes, the cast and crew had an array of responses, exhibiting how the play speaks to everyone on an individual level. In case you’re wondering, yes, the cast can see you clearly in your seat! Genie, played by Major Attaway gushed over the audiences’ reactions to first seeing the lamp.

“It changes their faces,” he noted while discussing his favorite scene: Friend Like Me.

Courtney Reed, who plays Princess Jasmine, added that it’s inspiring to see the audience dancing and singing along in their seats; it’s a tell-tale sign that they’re lost in the performance.

Reed went on to discuss the importance of her role as Princess Jasmine, and how she’s been involved in bringing Aladdin to life since 2010.

“It has been fulfilling every dream I’ve ever had since then. I’m the luckiest!” she said.

Reed, who described Princess Jasmine as “the first ethnic princess,” knows how important it is for all young girls to see characters like them on TV and on stage. Parents often approach her to discuss how their daughters feel a connection to her, and that’s how she felt about the character growing up.

In addition to being one of Broadway’s leading ladies, Reed recently launched her own fashion accessory company, GAGGED CHOKERS. The tongue-in-cheek jewelry line was inspired by her love of choker necklaces, which are currently making a huge come-back.


“I have always loved chokers, and I am so glad they are back,” Reed told us adding, “I was on a mission to buy some awesome pieces to complete my wardrobe, but I couldn’t find any that I liked. They were all so boring and cheap looking! So, with that disappointment, I started to get creative. I made my own and soon the word spread and here we are!”

Anyone who’s anyone is donning the 90s jewelry trend including A-list “It Girls” like Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift. GAGGED CHOKERS even has a line inspired by these celebrities, which you can check out here. Reed’s favorite pieces are New York and Snap Queen, but she’s also GAGGING over a piece from her upcoming collection, which has yet to be revealed.

“I can tell you it’s from the Broadway Collection,” she admits, “and it’s the “Cats” Choker!” Sounds purrfect to us.



Reed has always had an interest in fashion and often created and sold handmade pieces to her cast-mates. Even at a young age, she was putting herself to work.

“I remember specifically making a vest out of the plastic you buy your comforter in, ” Reed remembers. “I sewed it together with fishing line and made a button out of velcro. My favorite color at the time, as I liked to say, was clear,” Reed laughs. When asked whether she prefers the stage or the sewing machine, she says, “It’s hard to say which one I was more drawn to because I’ve been doing theatre all my life, but fashion has always been there and still is.”


So what exactly is a ‘gagged’ choker anyway? According to Reed, the official definition is as follows:

Gag /gag/ (v) to see a choker so perfect for your outfit or personality, it literally leaves you speechless. 

It’s a play on words, and Reed laughs as she elaborates the concept: “One of my girls in the #GaggedGirlGang came up with it. We say, “OMG I’M GAGGING” over everything- especially in this community! When she mentioned the company should be called “GAGGED COKERS,” we all responded, “OMG… because we’d be gagging over you being gagged!”



Reed, who currently makes each piece by hand and lists Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba as fashion-inspirations, says GAGGED CHOKERS has “big dreams” on the horizon.

“We have our Broadway Collection being released on 9.28.16 that we can’t wait for, and there will be so many awesome collections to come! We know for sure there will be a Princess Collection (#Duh!) and I’m a holiday girl, so of course we will be hitting many of my faves!” Keep your eyes peeled for Halloween and Christmas-inspired pieces in the near future. “I’m a firm believer in trusting that the next journey will come! I know that GAGGED will be a big part of it, thats for sure!”





For more information on GAGGED CHOKERS and to snag an item for yourself, head to For up-to-date news and product launches, stay connected on Twitter, and Instagram, and Facebook. Also, enter PROMO CODE: BCLB at checkout for 10% off!

Photos Courtesy of Courtney Reed & GAGGED CHOKERS


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