This E-Design Service is The Interior Decorator You’ve Been Searching For

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Decorating your home is the first real step to adulting. Sure, you probably felt super grown up when you first left your parents’ pad for college and lived in a shitty dorm followed by an even shittier apartment. Your first real home, however, the one you really value as a comfortable safe-haven? That’s the one tha means you’ve actually reached adulthood.

Whether you’re a home-owner or renter, decorating with your own individual style greatly increases your quality of life. While hiring an interior decorator is a luxury most Millennials can’t afford, a little help goes a long way. That’s where Get Decorated comes in. Established by interior designer, Lindsay Biondo, the e-design service was created to help busy families find time for interior design.


Lindsay has always worked to bring style and beauty into peoples homes. Working to create a dream home for a customer can be a bit time consuming and expensive, and this problem inspired Lindsay to think outside of the box. She launched Get Decorated in order to bring an affordable service to the everyday individual. Her mission is to bring the design goals and dreams of her clients to life without stopping until they are completely happy.

The service is simple. First, you send in your details via a short questionnaire as well as some before photos of the room, basic measurements, and some inspiration pictures. Then the designers choose paint colors, furniture, materials, and accessories based on your mood board. In 7-10 business days, you receive an interactive and custom-tailored design presentation, which will help you shop for your items and bring your vision to life.



Working with the Get Decorated online interior design team, grants you a curated guide on how to easily re-decorate your home. Services start at $75 and are custom-tailored to your budget.

All photos provided by Get Decorated. I received compensation for this post, but all opinions are my own.

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