Getting Fit with Rachel Nicks at BFX!

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image001Last week I had the pleasure of taking Build and Burn with Rachel Nicks at BFX Studios in Manhattan, NY and it was awesome.

BFX is a boutique gym in Manhattan NY with two locations (Chelsea and FIDI) offering cycling classes, barre classes, and HIIT classes, as well as personal training. The facility is sleek, modern looking, and very chic. The locker rooms were clean and provided clients with towels, lockers with electronic keypads and all of the toiletries that you might need for showering and getting ready for the next part of your day (and in a city where everyone is always on the go, not carrying a toiletry bag/towel/lock with you is SO helpful!)

Lucky for me, the person teaching class was Rachel Nicks, one of the finalists for Women's Health "The Next Fitness Star" (how cool is that?!). Rachel was well spoken, engaging and above all knowledgable (so important for someone in the fitness industry!) The 45-min class was jam packed with fun and creative exercises to get your heart rate up and keep you moving. It was a Full body HIIT class that combined strength training with cardio bursts, incorporating the use of kettle bells, TRX, and gliders, just to name a few. The exercises were varied which kept the class fun and interesting, and just when one body part started to become fatigued, we moved onto a different body part.

Everyone in class was getting their sweat on and they appeared to be having a good time. As I started to feel the burn, I knew that my arms, abs, glutes and legs would be thanking me the next day. It was also fun taking the class with my own training client Jess Feakins (you all know her from Big City Little Blog), and she finally got to witness me out of breath and training hard. (Hey, we trainers still get challenged too!) This class would be a perfect class to participate with a friend before coffee or brunch, or during your lunch break.

Needless to say, my experience with BFX Studios and with Rachel Nicks was a very positive one. I will definitely be going back to check out other classes and would recommend everyone else do the same! And when you go, check out Rachel's class, because you might be taking class with The Next Fitness Star!

*If you don't live in Manhattan, or can't make it to BFX, never fear! You can still check out some of Rachel's moves and tips at There you can watch videos from Rachel and learn more about her, and you can cast your vote once every 24 hours. So visit the page, check out the Studio, get to know Rachel and don't forget to vote! (oh, and do it soon, voting ends August 3rd, 2015)

Happy Sweating 🙂

Erin Kaye Locksley

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