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Every year for July 4th, my friends and I sit down to make a plan. It usually involves a beach in New Jersey (Don’t hate. It’s close and it’s cheap.) This year we decided we wanted… no, we deserved something more special. After all, we work hard and someday we won’t look this cute…


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So what’s a girl squad to do? Hamptons? Been done. Miami? Too hot. Vegas? Oh, absofuckinglutely. Planning out a Vegas Vacation for a group of 5+ girls can be a bit of a challenge, but with a lot of research and some patience, it can be done! Here’s how.

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#1. Plan Out an Itinerary Before You Leave

In every group of girls, there’s one who specializes in “The Art of the Hook Up,” which is not to be confused with “The Art of Hooking Up.” That’s a different friend! No, this friend keeps up-to-date on current hot spots, knows how to talk to promoters, and isn’t afraid to crash the VIP section. For us: that friend is Greer. Months before our trip, Greer spearheaded conversations regarding our itinerary so there would be no confusion or bickering upon arrival.

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Our first stop when we arrived on Thursday was Surrender Night Club, where we partied with NeYo. It’s in the Encore Hotel, and features a gigantic pool with the best floaties I’ve ever seen. (Yes, you read that correctly. So fun.) It was the pool party you always dreamt of as a kid.

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Our vacation revolved around July 4th, so Friday we booked a daybed at Marquee. Because we were staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel (where it’s located) it was the most convenient- but it also turned out to be the most amazing! The EC Twins blasted house music accompanied by fireworks and we had a front row seat. Here we are. Jumping up and down. See? Amazing. Booking the daybed was key. We didn’t have to worry about over-spending or splitting the bill at the end of a very boozy day. After a little recuperation, we headed over to Hakkasan where Tiesto was spinning. The club is huge with multiple floors playing different kinds of music, so there’s something for everyone.


best nightclubs for girls las vegas

Saturday, we rallied and headed over to Wet Republic to watch Calvin Harris. We forwent the VIP route this day, but befriended some pretty awesome guys with a cabana instead. So awesome, in fact, that they invited us to share their VIP section back at Marquee that night! We ended up partying with them until 6 in the morning, before heading back to NYC Sunday afternoon. Needless to say, that flight was rough.

 best pool party las vegas vacation

#2.  Work your Connections & Befriend Promotors

Girls: get on Facebook or LinkedIn and work those connections! It’s been a while since we graduated college, but with a little digging we found some old friends who moved to Vegas to work in the hospitality industry. Luckily for us, they were kind enough to provide a hook-up here and there- allowing us to skip lines, avoid cover charges, and even join them at VIP tables. Can’t find old friends in Vegas? Don’t worry. That’s what social media is for. Put up an instagram picture or tweet using #vegas and promoters will be sending you their numbers in no time. They’ll get you on the guest list and sometimes provide you with open bars. Speaking of which- shoutout to Roberto and Derrick at Marquee!! They were so friendly and easy to work with!


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#3. Spend Smart & Bring Cash

Expensive Vegas restaurants? No thanks! We’ve got the exact same ones in NYC and the same goes for shopping. Gambling in the casinos? Only the penny slots- we’ve got drinks to buy. We knew exactly what we wanted to spend money on and what not to. Research which restaurants are in your price range ahead of time and stick to those. Our favorite was China Poblano: a Mexican/Chinese hybrid with $5 tacos and amazing guacamole! It was so good and cheap, we ate their twice!


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While we’re on the topic of spending smart- make sure to bring cash. Splitting the bill with large parties is difficult enough without giving the waitstaff 10 different credit cards. Don’t be that group. Add 20% to your total bill, then split it by the number of guests. Finito. Now go hit the club, girl, you lookin’ fine!


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#4. Embrace the Occasion

Sorority girls love a theme, and my friends and I are no different. If there was ever an award for “most enthusiastic costume makers at JWU,” we would have won. Hands down. So, what happens when 10 girls meet up for a July 4th pool party in Vegas? Star-spangled flag-kinis! Thank God for American Apparel. In conclusion: If you’re in Vegas for a bachelorette party, buy matching bikinis for your bridesmaids and have everyone where the same color at night. If you’re here for New Years- dress like a disco ball. Just have fun with it!


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#5. Look Like a Mil’ with “Rent The Runway”

I’m saving the best tip here for last: Rent the Runway. Haven’t heard of it? Get out from under that rock and check it out now. If you’re like most girls who daydream of wearing a $995 Herve Leger or that $335 RVN, you can and for a fraction of the price! I’ve rented dresses here several times, and always have an outstanding experience. The customer service is great- and they’ll help you find a dress that works for your shape and size. Best of all: You can search reviews for girls with similar body types to yours, so the fit is almost guaranteed. If not? They send you an extra size. For free. Boom.  See this pic below? #RENTED! #NotTheGirls #JustTheDresses.


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They have two locations in NYC as well as one at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, if you want to try them out before ordering. I rented online and returned them in Vegas- leaving me with a lighter bag upon return. Brilliant!!

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