Rosé All Day: A Guide to Drinking Pink

Once frowned upon by serious winos, rosé has since become the wine of the summer. It’s a red wine that drinks like a white: always served chilled for a crisp, refreshing treat.


Enjoying Rosé at ‘The Beach’ at the Dream Hotel


When exactly did it gain popularity? I’m not quite sure, but I first became intrigued by the pink drink as I heard Lisa Vanderpump declare “Life isn’t always diamonds and rosé, but it should be!” Surely, this International upper-class diva wasn’t drinking rosé! And yet, she makes it look so good.


Rosé is best enjoyed poolside


The Millennial Pink hue also comes into question. Are we drinking it because it’s pretty? Perhaps. But If you pick the right one, it is so much more.


Who says you can’t pregame with rosé champagne?


Speaking of Millennial Pink, rosé wine comes in an array of shades. From bright pink to pale yellow, the shade often (although not always) can give you an idea of which flavors to expect. Light yellowish hues often mean dry and crisp with a hint of fruitiness. Deep blush shades are much bolder, sweeter, and fruitier. Personally, I prefer the latter and go for a salmon shade with a yellow tint.


Rosé: A color guide. {Pin it for later!}


Another key is to take note of where it’s from. Rosé wine is produced all over the world, although the Provençal variety is my personal preference. Rosé wines from Provence tend to boast dryer, crisper notes. You can find beautiful rosés from Spain and Italy, but Provence is by far the best.


Italian Rosé in Sorrento

Unlike red or white wine, rosé is not necessarily better when aged. Many varieties on the market today were produced within the last few years, and they are delicious.


Drinking Rosé in London, dahling.


Don’t think you have to spend a lot for a quality bottle. Some of my favorite rosés have been the most affordable.


Rosé makes a summer picnic.


Looking for a little extra pizzaz? Consider a rosé champagne. It’s perfect for celebrating a special occasion with the girls! When I choose a rosé champagne, I actually prefer a little more sweetness to balance out the bubbles. This one from Moët & Chandon is so yummy.



Here are some of my favorite varieties. Again, these flat wines are all on the drier, crisper side with a hint of fruitiness. As for the bubbles, I lean towards two varieties that differ greatly in tasting notes. Let me know what you like to drink in the comments below!



And for Sparkling Rosé…

Sweet and fruity

Dry & crisp

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