Halloween Decor: Spider Eggs & Ribbon Backdrops

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Halloween weekend is finally upon us. Sure, costumes are obviously important, but so are the spooktacular decorations for the party! This year, we are hosting a bash and wanted to share some of our favorite DIY decorations that tip-toe the line between creepy and chic.


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Crepe ribbon backdrop

Inspiration: Style Me Pretty

We created this colorful backdrop to be used in our photo booth the night of the party, but until then, it serves as a fun and festive wall decoration.

To get started, cut a piece of string or wire (we used twine) to fit the length of the wall you will be using. Tie each end to tacks or nails and hang on the wall.

Cut your piece of metallic fringe curtain into a few sections. Once separated, fold the top of a strip of curtain over the string or wire and staple in place. Next, take any of your rolls of crepe paper and fold the end around the string or wire and staple together. Unroll the crepe paper and rip off at the length of the fringe curtain. Repeat to create more strands, changing the color and adding additional gold layers as you go.

Once complete, trim the bottom of the fringe backdrop to tidy up the edges.




Hanging spider eggs

Inspiration: Passionate Penny Pincher


We’re not going to lie, our arachnophobic friends are not too happy about these eggs. However, it’s Halloween, so creeping them out is not only fun but also appropriate.

Start by cutting the legs off of your white pantyhose high on the thigh. Next, drop a few plastic spiders into the bottom of the hose. Layer with stuffing and then again with spiders to create the effect of them living within the egg. Make sure to stuff the stocking so that it develops a rounded teardrop shape. Once sized to your liking, hot glue spiders sporadically on the outside of the egg to make it look like they are crawling all over it. When finished, suspend from a ceiling, pole or beam.


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