Halloween: Lady Gaga & Cleopatra

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s so much fun to escape reality and really play with fashion and accessories. I love to making my own costumes whether its 100% from scratch or semi-homemade. The reason being: I’m a stickler for fit and typical Halloween costumes are “one size fits all.” They should really call them “one size fits poorly.” Not a good look. If you’re like me, you want to look cute and be comfortable all night.

Here are a few suggestions for costumes:

1. Spend some time researching pictures of your character. Pick one good picture and go off of that. Think outside the box and figure out which components make up the overall look. What stands out to you most? What components would flatter you most?

2. Go to American ApparelWhile a little on the pricey side, they have an amazing selection of basics that come in every color of the rainbow. Better yet, most of the items can be recycled into your every day wardrobe.


Case in point, Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga


Wanna be Lady Gaga? Think: leotards, biker gloves, killer heels, outrageous makeup, shoulder pads, spikes, studs, and attitude.

Keep in mind this is Lady Gaga circa 2009. Circa Just Dance, and before her decision to pull any major fashion crazies. Just killer heels, blunt bangs, biker gloves, and (yikes) no pants. Oh yea, and eyelashes made of long black feathers. No big deal.

A little daring, I must admit. I definitely worked out more than usual to feel comfortable enough to walk around in a leotard. But I felt like a rockstar, and it thrilled me to have strangers ask to take my picture.

Pin-up Peacock, Pumpkin Head and Lady Gaga
Pin-up Peacock, Pumpkin Head and Lady Gaga


The risque leotard has been a staple in my closet every since. When I’m feeling sassy, I just layer it under a black mini skirt and strut my stuff. Note: I do not strut any stuff with an Alexander McQueen clutch. *wishful thinking*

Rock n' Roll
Wanna be an Egyptian princess? Think white long dresses, gold and turquoise, Liz Taylor in  Cleopatra, strappy sandals, exaggerated eyeliner.


For this costume, I purchased the blue and gold accessories, a black wig, and some gold ribbon. Then I used an old white pillow case to make a skirt. I cut it up and laced a small white belt through the top to keep it in place. The top half is just a white tank. Note: the boyfriend’s skills? He turned an old cardboard box into that head dress. Pretty awesome stuff, if you ask me.
While I wasn’t able to recycle this costume into every day life, it only cost me $30. I was pretty happy with that.

Hope that helps! Free free to contact me for suggestions.

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