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If you live in New York City, you know the place to be every summer weekend is The Hamptons. You hear about this beach destination from your favorite celebrities, see the fabulous pictures in magazines, and now, you get to see it up close and personal!

PR mogul Heather Grabin and her company AichG is putting on curated events in East Hampton every week and tailoring them to her customers’ needs. Grabin tell us “The past week has been amazing and we cannot wait for the upcoming events!”

Photo Credit: Brendan Minto

Last week, we attended their first event where Bravo was shooting their brand new show Summer Share. Think: Rich Kids of Beverly Hills meets The Real World. The cast member were shooting exclusively at this world-class event, sipping on drinks by the cabana and enjoying the atmosphere that Grabin meticulously put together.

They were overheard complimenting the cuisine by Aneu Catering, who curates all of the Sonja & The City events. The inside scoop on this new show is that you’ll be dying to watch. The cast is fun, young, and full of the drama you’ve come to know and love from Bravo TV! 

Photo Credit: Brendan Minto

Directly across from the cabana, Koffi’s Jello Bar was serving up some alcohol-laden desserts: “Jello-Shots” made with real fruit that tasted nothing like the jello shots you regret- or don’t- from college. The event was such a smashing success, and rumor has it Bravo TV might be filming at the house yet again! 

Photo Credit: Brendan Minto

For more information on how you can register to attend, check out Photos courtesy of Brendan Minto.

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