How To Be A Redhead- BCLB Style

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Once upon a time when I first discovered Instagram, I went a little crazy in an attempt to build a following. While participating in #selfieSunday I began hashtagging #redhead, #redHairDontCare, and other embarassing tween-like identifiers. I was the #HashtagQueen! I started to notice a little avatar called How to be a Redhead liking my photos whenever I hashtagged a copperheaded phrase. Being a natural-born redhead and always on the hunt for new beauty secrets, I had to check it out.

how to be a redhead of the week fashion beauty style for redheads

Fast-forward to today, and I found out they’ve featured me as their Redhead of the Week! I couldn’t be more flattered.

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My favorite aspect of How to be a Redhead is the beauty section. As I mentioned, “I can’t tell you how many times I had to get my make-up done for a party and someone put no mascara, chalky foundation, and brown lipstick on me… so How to be a Redhead is very helpful!” It took me several years and countless YouTube tutorials to figure out a make-up regime that works for me.


Unfortunately, finding tips for those with my coloring (strawberry hair, fair skin, dark brown eyes) is still a challenge. Most make-up enthusiasts think of redheads as having cool undertones with blue or green eyes, and for me that is not the case. It’s nice to have an entire website dedicated to girls just like me, as well as one that acknowledges all types of redheaded women. Thank you again, How to be a Redhead!

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