Inspired: The Lion King Broadway Musical!

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I’ve had the extraordinary opportunity of seeing the Lion King on Broadway eight years ago, but being able to see the classic show once again was truly something special!

When I watched the show on the 14th of November, I paid attention to the details more; the lights, the music, the design and thought to myself “Wow, what a creative masterpiece.” I had the pleasure of being able to be apart of a creative conversation after the show with some of the cast members and crew. Listening to all the effort, work, and intricacy that goes into the show, inspired me! How could I not be inspired? After all, it is the Lion King.

I took my inspiration and ran with it to create a DIY piece based off of one of my favorite songs in the show, “He lives in me.” Still interested? Check out how I put it together below.


Melted Crayon ArtŸ

What you’ll need:

  • crayons
  • a canvas
  • cardboard
  • a lighter or blow dryer
  • a ruler
  • painter’s tape
  • hot glue gun
  • a water bottle (optional).


Step 1:

Figure out what design you would like to create on your canvas, (be aware more intricate designs take longer) and draw the design lightly in pencil.


Step 2:

Cover the areas you would like to remain white with tape. Although I ultimately ended up liking the finished look with the tape on, you should be prepared to remove the tape once the crayons dry.


Step 3:

Once you have covered the areas with tape, choose the colors of the crayons that you would like to be on the canvas. Since I did not want the crayons to remain on the canvas, I hot glued them to a piece of cardboard!

Note: Keep the water bottle handy for this next step in case the fire catches on to something. Also keep the flame away from the canvas.

Through trial and error I came to find that it is easier to melt two candles at a time as opposed to a section. This will allow the crayon to melt to the bottom of the canvas as opposed to stopping in the middle.


Step 4:

Once you have melted all the crayons you can choose to remove the painters tape to see the silhouette, or if you like the design as it leave the tape and melt a few more crayons to secure it to the canvas!

Fun and Fairly Simple! If you decide to try this fun DIY or something similar at me on Instagram @nicole_everett with the hashtags, #LionKingMeltedArt #bigcitylilblog!





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