Friday Favorites 2/11/13

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Okay, okay, it’s not Friday. It’s Monday morning, I’m still half-asleep, and I’m sad that the weekend is over.

1. The Ballerina/ “Sock” Bun… without the sock.

I tried the sock approach, and it just didn’t happen. Perhaps I have to many layers, but I ended up looking like a red-headed chia pet. Not a good look. My approach? Put your hair in a pony tail using a fine-toothed to gather everything and smooth out the bumps. Section the pony into 4 equal parts (or more, if necessary.) One section at a time, loop your hair around your fingers (as if it were a curling iron) and pin the loops to around the base of the pony tail. Pull sections together and pin where needed to make it look like one cohesive bun. Spray liberally with hair spray. Or, watch this tutorial. It’s pretty much the same technique.

Ballerina "Sock" Bun

2. Snowflake thermal pajamas that look like a onsie.

These were gifted to me last Christmas by my boyfriend’s mother, and while I tried to resist the matchy-matchy sleepwear… I. Just. Couldn’t. Resist. Them. They’re so cute. So warm. So cozy.

Onsie Snowflake Pajamas...Don't Hate.


3. Hot pink platform pump tape dispenser.

It is ridiculous, it is totally unprofessional, and it is unapologetically girly. I love it, and I’m the envy of every girl in this office.


Fashion Tape?


4. French Pressed Coffee

Another Christmas present- this time from my mom- and it makes the most delicious coffee. How did I survive using a drip machine for all these years? One may never know. French presses not only make much better coffee, but it’s the perfect amount for just you and your boo. Or just you. Depends on your caffeine addiction, I guess.

French Press Coffe and Italian Roast From Harrods


5. The Clarisonic Mia

So I got myself a little present. Guilty as charged. The pulsation of this facial cleansing brush makes my face smoother than a baby’s bottom and allows lotion to penetrate deeper into my pores. Pure bliss.


Pink Clarisonic... Epic Skin Care

6. Arm candy.

As you may or may not have noticed, I love bracelets and bangles. My current obsession is the following combo: Tasha Link Bracelet from Nordstrom, Michael Kors Watch and Brandy Melville skull bracelet.


Layered Arm Candy... Gold Jewelry


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