Holiday Party with Jill Zarin

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This holiday season, we were fortunate enough to snag a last minute invitation to the "Queen of all Fabrics" Jill Zarin's holiday party at Zarin Fabrics. We got a first look at her home collection "Zarin Home" in the brand new space they just purchased on 69 Orchard Street.


Having always admired her home decor since her days on the Real Housewives of New York City, she hasn't lost her elegant touch. Ranging from couches, sequin throw pillows, candles, and our personal favorite was a grown up piggy-bank. Apparently the gold "piggy-bank" was a favorite of Jill's as well, she was gushing about the item to fellow Housewives alum Cindy Bishop. 


The Zarin's are well known for their philanthropy and tonight was no exception- 20% of the proceeds from all the sales from the evening were going to Housing Works which provides housing, medical, prevention, support services for those living in New York. Ever one for making a speech (We just love hearing Jill Zarin speak!) Jill let the room know that the space will double as an event site so ladies if you want your next birthday/holiday party at Zarin Fabric's sign up now! While we chatted up with photographer Andrew Werner and PR mogul Heather Grabin of AichG, we couldn't help but be just a tad of social envy when Jill Zarin was on the bed gabbing to the one and only Kelly Bensimon. What they were talking about, we (along with many other guests) were just dying to know! 


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