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A little fashion guidance is something we could always use, and why not get it from an expert? We caught up with Womens and Mens designer, Kesi Gibson -who has produced some of the hottest accessories on the market- to hear the latest in trends for Spring 2017 and beyond.

Fashionable and ethical, Gibson only partners with International artisans that support fair wages. From Ethiopia to Argentina to Turkey, each piece features her signature stamp along with a unique artisanal touch. Here’s are Gibson’s fashion forecasts, and how she worked them into her own fabulous collection.


1.What colors do you feel have sprung up this spring and will continue to in 2017?

My relationship with fashion and color and started in Jamaica at six years old. We wore uniforms to school. We leaned on our accessories to express our personalities. I was thrilled to see royal blue become a trending color in 2016/2017. It is a happy color that suggests confidence and magnetizes attention. It is a color of character and charm. That said, some women shy away from clothing options in this color palate but can’t get enough of the accessories. Our unisex royal blue distressed leather NOMAD carry all was a hit for both men and women across lifestyles. The limited edition embossed leather MAKEDA clutch purse, with hand-painted details on waxed calf hair sold out in less than 10 days – a record even for our limited designs.

Wine red was another interesting color that sprung in 2016. For as long as I can remember, wine red seems to gain popularity in extended cycles. Personally, I’ve never been able to pull off hot red elegantly, so whether it’s trending or not I typically choose wine red to express exuberance. The croc embossed wine red URBA document bag featured here was a great success story. This bag in this color and style, initially designed to be temporary offering, has now become a staple at Kyu By Kesi.



2. You have a certain aversion to stripes. Tell us how you really feel about this look and how you believe the everyday fashionista can work this look into her wardrobe.

Traditional horizontal or vertical stripes makes me feel boxed in and I really don’t like that feeling. It forces me to contemplate the illusion of choice in other aspects of life, as a woman, as social entrepreneur, as a creative professional which conjures up analogies that are way off the topic. If you must wear stripes, then I would suggest that you go with chaotic stripes – ones that are neither all horizontal nor all vertical and in subtle colors. Be sure to wear some statement jewelry to take the attention away from the stripes though. This is key. The neck piece below – a Kyu By Kesi beauty is an example of a perfect accessory that enhances even stripes.



3. What is one trend you predict (and hope) will stay in 2017?

Cinderella puff skirt/dress for women and the mid-calf t-shirt for men are two styles that have stayed in 2017. However one trend from 2016 that has continued in 2017 and beyond is Boho Chic. It’s my steady state which is featured in my lifestyle brand Kyu By Kesi at

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