What your skincare routine just might be missing!

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Korean beauty products are the hottest thing right now. From face masks to bb cream, these beauty products will help to transform your skin.

For the past two weeks  I decided to add two new products to my skin care routine, Laneige’s Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence + Iope’s Bio Intensive Essence. Both are essences which helps to rejuvenate and moisture your skin!



I’ve always thought that I had my skin care routine down pack. With my cleanser, toner, exfoliator + moisturizer, my skin was well taken care of. But once I exposed my skin to these two essences, I realized exactly what I was missing.

Now for those who are wondering exactly what an essence is, it’s a formula that helps wrinkles, fine lines + dullness, by treating your skin cells.

After just 4 days I noticed that my skin was brighter, clearer and more alive, (if that makes sense). If you’ve never tried an essence before you’ve got to try it, it may not be the most drastic transformation, but overtime you will see the changes in your skin.

So for those of you who are like me and wake up in the morning with a face three times it’s normal size then I would suggest Laneige. It has a cooling, citrus feel that minimizing swelling while rejuvenating your tired skin.


If you have problem areas than the Iope is for you. I noticed that any blemishes I had on my skin were minimized after using this product.


Add an essence to your routine, trust me your skin will thank you later!



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