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We’d like to start off the day with a wrap-up some interesting links. From saucy pasta sauce commercials to edible ice-cream bowls, I invite you to enjoy:

  • If you’ve ever walked in on a sexcapade, fear not. Ragu is here to save the day.
  • And we thought Mickey Mouse pancakes were impressive.
  • Home-made froyo bites? Don’t mind if we do! Thanks S2S!
  • What’s better than ice cream and waffle bowls?  This. Pure genius
  • As if home-made lasagna wasn’t good enough, the self-proclaimed “GirlWhoAteEverything” has turned them into personal cupcakes. We had to try the recipe out and used the Santini Sauce and Papa’s meatballs as the filling. Next time, we want to pipe the ricotta cheese to simulate frosting. See below for our very own lasagna cupcakes.:
Lasagna Cupcakes. They were a huge hit!
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