New Year, New You? Tips on how to achieve those New Year Resolutions!

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It’s never too late for New Year’s resolutions. Check out these great tips from Gilt City’s Lifestyle Editor, Chassie on how to take on all you’re striving for this year! HNY!

Chassie gives realistic resolutions that are achievable in the Big Apple!


How to Rock the Resolution in NYC- Gilt City Lifestyle Editor Chassie Post’s Tips




  1. Fall out of your fitness rut
  • Spice up your routine by signing up for a variety of fitness classes, all in one place.
  • From muay thai to cycling to barre to boxing, offers a diverse array of 5-15 class packs at up to 70% off. 
  • By purchasing these class packs, you'll be more motivated to hit the gym and get there fast, as the classes expire 2-3 months after purchase. 
  1. Nix the quick diet fix- subscribe to a food delivery service
  • Make it easier to eat healthy by subscribing to a food delivery service; Munchery, Blue Apron, Freshology, and Plated are great options.
  • These services provide healthy recipe meal kits with pre-measured ingredients or ready-to-eat meals that are perfectly portioned. 
  • Plus, you can buy them at a discount on Gilt City.
  1. Save $$$ while living large
  • Don’t resort to ramen and Netflix and chilling in an effort to streamline your finances.
  • Check out Gilt City’s exclusive deals on one-of-a-kind activities in NYC, such as multi-course meals prepared by acclaimed chefs, luxurious beauty offers at top spas and salons, tickets to sold-out plays and concerts, and more.
  1. Take learning something new to the next level
  • Learn how to make donuts, create latte art, play poker or whip up Greek food. Gilt City offers a selection of fun classes in NYC that won’t make you think of homework and SATs.
  1. Make the first move
  • Looking for love? Then do something about it.
  • Ask your crush out, but be prepared with a date that will actually impress, unlike the stale “drinks” or “movie” hangout.
  • Take a tour of a chocolate factory, do a wine tasting, peep an art exhibition – try something new with your “boo.”

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