NYFW- Pre Fall 2015

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Kye Fashion Show

First stop was the Kye fashion show at the Pier 59 Studio. The Korean collection was 80s school girl inspired- flaunting plaids, studs, and tons of leather. Favorite pieces included jackets with appliqués that formed hearts as models swung their arms to meet their torsos. Totally brills. Over-the-knee boots have made quite the comeback this year, and Kanye's favorite- the leather jogging pant- was in full swing.

Stars in attendance included rapper 2 Chainz and "Noted Fashion Photographer" but more notably the dishy judge from countless seasons of ANTM, Nigel Barker.

In real life: This style is easy to apply to your wardrobe, and you probably have several timeless pieces begging to be re-worked. Just think "John Bender" from The Breakfast Club, and you're all set. 

What I Wore: Zara faux leather skinnies, an oversized striped cashmere sweater, a black and white large beaded necklace, Vince Camuto suede booties, and Nars Cruella velvet lip pencil.

Street Style

Arguably, my favorite thing about fashion week is the street style. Runways and models are totally glam, but this is where real artistry takes place. How we commoners take runway style and adapt it to reality- without thousands to spend- is what makes fashion fun. 

It's bitterly cold in New York in February, so fur always has been and always will be in style. Luckily, it's easy to find faux fur coats and vests that resemble the real thing. Animal cruelty need not apply. The current approach is short, boxy, and a vibrant shade.

Also a vibrant shade? Hair. We can thank Katy Perry and Nicole Richie for that. Barbie pink, lavender purple, orange, and blue tresses were of the most popular.

Those who were not deterred by the frigid temperatures, took major fashion- and health- risks in bare legs, sky-high heels and even some open-toed footwear. As for me? I bundled up like a little eskimo. Homie don't play.

Also spotted on the cobble stone streets of the Meatpacking district: layers, textures, hats, and lots of color. I guess black isn't the new black. 


Second stop for me was the TechStyle event at Bumble & Bumble headquarters. The day started with a yoga class from Priv and coaching from Dr. Oz's personal trainer, ENTER NAME. Shoutout to ENTER COMPANIES- for major swag. 


Final Thought: Danielle and I were loving the swag from The Onzie and Lysse: gym clothes that were super comfortable, well-made, and cute to boot. 

What I Wore: Under Armor leggings, Nike Free sneakers, a fitted black sweater, Topshop white faux fur vest, Nordstrom cashmere beanie.

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