NYFW: Chic Sketch

Whether you’re a blogger or a professional célfie taker you’ve got to try the fashion app, Chic Sketch!

Chic Sketch launched their revamped app as they geared up for NYFW. The app, founded by the lovely pair Jordan and Emily Brickel Edelson, is a unique, custom illustration of your latest looks.

Emily, published fashion illustrator has worked in the fashion arena and has been asked repeatedly to sketch designs and photos. Jordan thought, why not give her a platform to illustrate her designs through an app, giving her the ability to be in two places at once!

What you’ll find: This fashion app allows your #ootd, #selfies or priceless pictures to be sketched into an illustration. You can also watch a live version of your sketch on the app and be able to share it to your social media outlets!

As we venture through the end of NYFW, be sure to hashtag #chicsketch to check out some of the hottest things on the runway, illustration style!

Chic Sketch is available for IOS and Android!




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