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When Kylie Jenner first released her Kylie Lip Kit on Cyber Monday, all three available shades sold out in a matter of seconds. Since then, every time Kylie Jenner restocks her Lip Kits, KylieCosmetics.com crashes and all shades continue to sell out in minutes. I became intrigued…after seeing photos on Instagram of people trying on her lipsticks, I had to hand it to the youngest Kardashian–they truly looked amazing on women of all different skin tones. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try a few shades, which was easier said than done. It took me two tries to purchase her Lip Kits before they sold out, but I was able to buy two Lip Kits in “Posie K” and “Candy K“.





They arrived the night before I was heading to New York City, which would be the perfect weekend to experiment with the Lip Kits and see how they last during a long weekend.

The Pros:

  • They’re extremely long-lasting. Not only did it last the three hour train ride into New York, but it survived all night–even including tacos and margaritas at Toloache’s Mexican Restaurant and a nightcap at a nearby bar. Kylie’s Lip Kit even survived a two hour brunch at Gallow Green, followed by drinks to watch March Madness.
  • They look good on all skin tones. While watching March Madness at a sports bar, all the girls who I went to brunch with wanted to try the color I had on me–which was “Posie K”. We all range in skin tones, but it looked amazing on everyone. At times it was hard to tell that we were all wearing the same lipstick, as each shade looks different depending on who is wearing it.
“Posie K”


The Cons: 

  • They’re hard to get. Because of Kylie Jenner’s large following and the high demand, they sell out in a matter of minutes once they’re restocked online. The only way I received two shades was because I had read online what time they were going to be available, and I had the site open with my credit card in my hand.
  • They can dry out your lips. Since Kylie’s Lip Kit is a matte lipstick, it can dry out your lips. After you remove the lipstick (with makeup remover since it’s waterproof), be sure to moisturize your lips.


“Candy K”


Overall, I’m extremely impressed. I’ve tried countless lipsticks that say they last all day, but this is the first lipstick that not only is long-lasting, but stays on after eating, drinking, and even showering. I have to hand it to you Kylie Jenner… You know your lipsticks.

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