Pajama Dressing

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One of the bolder trends making its way through the big city is the pajama trend. Women of New York are prancing around in loose, silk, printed pants and oversized button down tops. At first, I was a mere admirer- ogling other fashionistas strutting their way down the street. “I wonder if I could pull that off?” I thought. Never a fashion victim to fall for just any trend, I couldn’t figure out if they’d be flattering on my bootylicious behind. And I was only interested in the pants. Not the blouse. Then 2 things happend.


pajama dressing pajama trend how to wear pajama pants



  1. I walked past a gorgeous, curvaceous diva in Chelsea just as she proclaimed to her friend: “these are the most comfortable pants in the world!”
  2. My fabulously sexy and similarly-shaped girlfriend visited from LA and rocked these babies. She also, as it happens, wrote about the pajama trend on her company blog, which you can find here.

So it turns out: the answer is yes. Yes, I can wear pajama pants. And thank God because they really are the most comfortable pants in the world.

The question remains… how to do it? Here are my thoughts.

  • When indulging in any outlandish trend remember to KISS: Keep. It. Simple. Stupid. Pair it with neutrals, basics, and classics.
  • Due to the extremely relaxed fit of the pants, you must pair them with structured tops. Think: tuxedo jacket or a clean V-neck.
  • If you still look like you can go to bed, you’re not wearing it correctly. Try adding a fedora or strappy stilletos. Do NOT wear slippers or flats.
  • Try getting the pants 1 size up. They are meant to be loose-fitting.
  • Only wear one pajama trend piece at a time.
  • Stick to a simple print or a solid color.
  • Grow a pair. This trend is not for the faint of heart.


For my first pajama pant purchase I went with the Michael Kors Vintage Cadet and the Trouvé Tribal Print Harem. I also completed my shopping extravaganza with the Trouvé tuxedo jacket, and all of this can be found at Nordstrom. Here’s how a visual on how to style the trend:

Pajama Trend

Pajama Trend by jfeakins86 featuring rolex watches

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