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Health-conscious foodies know that organic, grass-fed, all-natural ingredients are the way to go. We shop on the outer aisles of the grocery store for real meat and produce. We shop seasonal to find the most nutritious vegetables and the freshest fruit. We shop products with fewer ingredients and always with those that we can pronounce. This approach to food makes you look and feel better inside and out.

We put so much emphasis on what goes into our bodies. Shouldn’t we be doing the same for our pets?

Renaldo Webb says “yes,” so he recently launched PetPlate a local delivery service providing all natural, real, and people-friendly meals for your dog.

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“I think as we’ve seen with the human food revolution, people (myself included) are looking more closely at ingredients and what’s in our food,” he said, adding, “Everyone’s aware of pesticides and people are moving towards more organic-based fruits and veggies to avoid those because of allergies and other issues that are associated with them.”

With a degree in physics from MIT, you might not expect Renaldo to get involved in the pet food industry, but his career background suggests otherwise.



“Over the past 5 years, I’ve spent a lot of time consulting for pet food factories- meeting the suppliers and checking out ingredients. I realized that we’re being a little disingenuous about what’s going into the food. I believed there was a better way to feed my dog, so I came up with PetPlate.”

Renaldo and his team work with board-certified veterinary nutritionists in California who run the website They help make sure each meal is balanced and add supplements if the meal is missing necessary nutrients.



“Everyone should check out their website,” suggests Webb, “it tells you how to make a complete and balanced meal. You can even have your vet log in and design a meal based on their findings of your dog: allergies, blood tests, etc.”

PetPlate offers a Daily Meal and a Treat Your Pet subscription plan. 

The Daily Meal plan allows you to feed your pet PetPlate twice a day, and you receive fresh food delivered to your door steps 2-3 times a week at delivery window of your choosing (they delivery everyday with hourly windows from 2-9 PM)



With the PetPlate Treat Your Pet plan you receive a pound of PetPlate delivered once a week. You can use it as a weekly treat for your pet or mix it with their existing food for a few days. 

Both plans come with the option to subscribe for 1,3,6 or 12 months, and the longer you commit the more you save. With each plan you can choose between a variety of different grain and gluten free meals. 

“It’s a warm meal delivered to your home at a time of your choosing for your pet,” says Renaldo. “It creates an experience. The smell catches the dog’s attention and we’re turning feeding time into a bonding experience.”



For more information on Pet Plate, visit them online at, like them on, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.  For 10% off your first order, enter the promo-code BIGCITY at check out.

Sponsored by PetPlate. I received compensation for this post, but all opinions are authentically my own.



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