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I'm really getting into dinner parties lately. I think the days of "Thirsty Thursday" and all-night booze-fests are behind me fading, as the thought of a quiet night in with some fine wine, gorgeous cuisine, and good company is much more enticing.

So when my brother received a fancy-schmancy Brevil Pizza Maker for his birthday, he didn't have to ask twice to get the family to gather round the kitchen for a good ol' fashioned pizza party.

We purchased a freshly-made dough, sauce, and toppings from the local grocer and got to work. Mom poured the wine, phil prepped the dough, and the rest of us got to chopping various vegetables, meats, and cheeses.

The Breville Pizza Maker get's extremely hot, so A) be careful, and B) get ready for deliciously , Neopolitan-style crust: crispy and charred on the outside/ soft and airy on the inside. My favorite pizza of the night was a collaboration between my brother and me: sliced prosciutto, figs, mozzarella, pecorino baked to perfection and topped with fresh basil. A little sweet and a little salty. Just like me.





I can't tell you how much fun this was- so much better than your average dinner party. When everyone rolls up their sleeves and gets to work, it's outrageously entertaining and the conversation never stops.

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