Polar Vortex. Spanish for “Pale Dry Skin”

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Bad joke aside, I know I’m not the only one dealing with some major skin issues this winter. This English Rose was thorny beyond belief with dry flakiness and irritated dry patches all over. Was that TMI? Did I go to far? Sorry. My bad. In all seriousness, I had what some would call a “meltdown” while running into Sephora and crying for help in sheer desperation.

After countless samples and lectures from the staff, I’ve finally found a few products that turned my dry skin into a dewey, velvety, and even complexion from head to toe. I give you: my remedies for dry, winter skin. Take that Polar Vortex.

Winter Skin Remedies

For the face:

  1. At the suggestion of a dear friend (Read: FLAWLESS) I purchased the Clarisonic face cleanser, which gently buffs away imperfections and reveals a face softer than a baby’s bottom. I use it only at night to wash off all the make-up, dirt, and God knows what else has accumulated on my face throughout the day. In the morning, I simply splash a little cold water on my face so as to not over-clean and dry out the skin.
  2. I use said Clarisonic with Josie Maran Face Cleanser– a gentle oil-based cleanser that has made my face happier than I’ve ever seen it. I know what your thinking- cleaning with oil? Doesn’t make any sense… But let me tell you IT WORKS! As explained to me by a lovely beauty at Sephora, “When your skin is properly moisturized, it stops producing excess oil, which clogs pores and creates pimples. Dry skin causes break-outs and redness, moist skin feels like velvet and looks like perfection.” After only 2 washes, I saw and felt an incredible difference.
  3. Both morning and night, I use a few drops of Josie Maran Argan Oil. It’s 100% organic and my skin drinks it up faster than a co-ed drinks $1 beers on college night.
  4. Finally, I complete my skin-care regimen with a little dab of Nivea Soft Moisturizer. Note: This product has been tried and tested by generations of beauties in my family. Nanny & Co all used Nivea growing up, and had faces absent of wrinkles and imperfections well into their 90s. Now-a-days, Nivea makes a “Soft” version of their classic creme, which is easier to apply but just as effective.

For the body:

  1. After the success of my oil-based facial cleanser, I decided I needed one for the body. Also at Sephora, I found L’Occitane Almond Oil Body Cleanser. It doesn’t foam much, which is a testament of not stripping the skin of natural oils. Instead, it gently cleanses and leaves skin refreshed and supple.
  2. After a nice, steamy shower I massage L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil  into my skin- concentrating on any particularly dry areas. I love the smell of this oil and the fact that it is quickly-absorbed into the skin. No greasy/oily hands for me!
  3. After oiling up, I love LOVE to lather myself up in Kiehl’s Creme de Corps. It’s one of the silkiest, most luxurious creams around. It’s not exactly cheap, and luckily there’s an abundance of it for the taking at my wonderful, over-priced gym.

For an extra glow:

Now my face and body are well-moisturized, happy, and healthy, but there’s one winter skin problem I have yet to take care of. I am pale. I’m not talking classic Daisy Buchanan pale. I’m talking Irish Girl on the Beach pale…

That's me on the left.

That’s me on the left. Anyway, my favorite products for a healthy, natural glow in the winter are as follows:

Clarins Delicious Self-Tanning Cream
While not cheap, this luxurious self-tanner is as moisturizing as it is effective. It smells more like a lotion than a tanning cream (thank you, Jesus) and goes on smooth and even.

Jergen’s Natural Glow
For a more affordable and subtle color, I’m a huge fan of Jergen’s Natural Glow. It gives you exactly that, and is available at most drug stores.

L Oréal Paris sun care
What I like about this self-tanner is that it is easily mixed with your favorite lotion, which allows you to control the amount of color development. It can be quite drying, so I don’t typically use it alone.


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