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We stumbled on Runway Passport during #Blizzard2016 and a couple of hundred dollars later, we were enthralled with all the pieces we received. If you’re bored with your wardrobe, Runway Passport is the answer for you. Not only do they have one of a kind pieces, but they have undiscovered (until now!) designers from all over the world. From Brooklyn to Rome to Melbourne and back to San Francisco, its astonishing to think what amazing pieces we were missing out on. Needing to know more, we sat down with founder Elizabeth Entin to chat more about Runway Passport, her incredible journey she took to get the site started, and about some of our favorite designers on the site.

Big City: Tell us how you got inspired to start this innovative website?

Runway Passport: It came about in two different ways, I was styling and assistant styling for a bunch of different magazines and I took a little time off to backpack in Thailand about four years ago where I discovered all these designers that were completely ignored. It got me thinking about how there must be so many designers around the world that aren’t getting the attention they deserved. While I was working at these magazines, they would pull from the same few major designers. At first I was blogging about different fashion weeks all over the world and through that I realized that still, people weren’t seeing everything or accessories that weren’t being shown. I wanted to connect those designers with people, really bring them to the attention of people who would really love them.

Big City: How did you get all these designers on board?

Runway Passport: Each designer really has their own story, we have curators that help find designers or I’d find some on social media or even from an article that I thought was interesting. Nowadays, a lot of the designers reach out to us as well.

Big City: Give us one designer that has a really interesting story.

Runway Passport: Honestly, we really don’t pick out designers unless they have a special story so I can’t play favorites! They are all unique and speak to different people.

Big City: One of our personal favorites was Heart & Noble, her jewelry is outstanding. Tell us a little more about them.

Runway Passport: I love Heart & Noble! Its interesting that you picked them because they are New York based and somebody I know personally as well. Her craft is amazing, almost like a sculptor, each piece is amazing and cares so much about it. Each piece is unique an interesting design.

Big City: Another section you have is “Sustainable and Vegan”, what are the requirements to be in that category?

Runway Passport: Vegan means no animals, period. We also don’t allow furs of any kind on the site. We also don’t allow any baby animals of any kind on the site, animals are something I am very passionate about. We grouped the two together because even sustainable materials are leathers that are recycled and repurposed or with leftover fabrics.

Big City: How many cities do you have right now?

Runway Passport: We try to bring on two new ones or so every month, we have 30 now.

Big City: What is your go-to outfit running right out of the house?

Runway Passport: I would grab a black edge cut dress top with jeans and mix it up with some high heels for some structure and some Heart & Noble jewelry to make a statement. 

Big City: Lastly, what are the future plans for Runway Passport?

Runway Passport: Keep expanding and keep finding new and amazing designers from all over the world!

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