Russian Tea Room

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With the heavy work loads, delayed subway trains, and crazy co-workers to deal with all week long, a girl can’t help but be totally stoked for Friday date night. It was the boy’s birthday last Friday, so this called for some planning on my behalf. Thankfully, we found a great deal for The Russian Tea Room: $99 for 2 steak dinners including an amuse bouche and dessert.

A) Phil and I are chronically on a budget.

B) it’s a New York Staple.

C) This seemed like a great idea.

Russian Tea Room NYC


As Friday evening approached, I decided to check out some Yelp reviews for The Russian Tea Room. Bad idea. Talks of tourists in fanny packs and screaming children caused instant anxiety. People complained that the food is barely Russian, but we found our dinners to be quite delicious. Steaks are not really what I would have ordered to represent Russian food anyway. And I felt fabulous having caviar and champagne.

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  1. Natalie Heather
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    You look amazing! It’s always tricky when trying somewhere new – sometimes looking it up can be amazing, and they’ll tell you that everyone is gorgeous and the food is fantastic. Other times, like what happened with you, it’s an instant heart attack. I’m glad it turned out well!

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