Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Stickers

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Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Ever since they bursted on the scene last year, I’ve had a slight obsession with Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Stickers. They come in array of colors and patterns that are sure to please anyone who deems show-stopping nails a necessity.

I first gave them a shot a few years ago while preparing for a New Years bash. I had the sexy dress, the warm spray tan, and some shimmery gold stilettos. What could be more fun and gaudy NYE appropriate than matching my nails to my shoes? Nothing. So in my search for the perfect sparkly polish, I came across Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Glitz Blitz . Perfect match:

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Gold Blitz & Steve Madden Caryssa

I’ve since become a pro at application, and have tried almost every pattern on the shelf. Here are some tips to creating the perfect mani:

  1. Prepare nails using a nail file and a buffer. Make sure nails are clean and dry.
  2. Don’t just jump into it. Try out the different sizes to make sure they fit your nails.
  3. Follow directions.
  4. Finish with clear nail polish and seal the tip. Personally, I like to finish with a clear coat of gel polish from my Sephora At-Home Gel Nail Polish Kit.




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