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No dinner party is compete without a fabulous homemade cocktail, so I was thrilled when Byejoe (c/o) sent me some samples of their handcrafted Chinese liquor  made from 100% red sorghum grain. For those of you who are unfamiliar- it’s a naturally gluten-free clear liquor that’s low in calories (Byejoe Red has 65 calories per ounce, and Byejoe dragon fire has 70 calories per ounce- about a quarter less than vodka) and strong as ever (Hello, 80 proof!)

bye joe blog headerTo keep the “skinny cocktail” theme going- I paired it with fresh pureed kiwis, muddled basil, lime juice and truvia before topping it off with a dry prosecco. The result was a cocktail that’s not too sweet, but light and refreshing. I served them in my new 1920s-inspired stemware (thanks, Vicky!!)   Wanna check out how the pros mix up ByeJoe in NYC? Head over to any of the following iconic establishments: Chef YuBuddakanKelley & Ping, or Macao.

For dinner, Phil whipped up an outstanding paella. It’s a traditional one-pot Spanish dish made with arborio rice, fresh seafood and vegetables. I was gifted this Antonio Sotos Paella Kit for my birthday, which made it super-easy and fun to make. It comes with 1lb arborio rice, a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil, and a packet of seasoning. All we had to do was add the vegetables and fish: bell peppers, carrots, red onion, frozen peas, 1/2 lbs shrimp, 1/2 lbs tilapia, and 1 lbs of mussels. We cooked the rice in some homemade chicken broth for added flavor- so good! It’s perfect for a dinner party because there’s little clean-up and you can serve it family style. Everyone loves that!

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